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Experimenting with Physically based rendering in Blender Cycles

Originalmente publicado en extremeistan:
Cycles should be OK? … I’ve been thinking about experimenting with physically based rendering for a long time, but at first I didn’t want to write any code. So I turned to the Blender Cycles path tracer. Cycles is great because it should give the “ground truth” path traced solution, so…

How to convert a prim-based object in Second Life or Opensim into a mesh object on your hard drive using the Singularity viewer

Originalmente publicado en Be Cunning and Full of Tricks:
ye olde prim This is pretty cool. The most recent version of the Singularity viewer (version 1.8.1) adds a particularly interesting feature: Wavefront (.obj) and Collada (.dae) Export by Apelsin, Inusaito, and Latif Khalifa – Allows export of your creations into Blender, Unity3D and other modeling applications…